This section explains how to configure LDAP on Qumulo Core 2.12.1 (and higher).

To Configure LDAP by Using the Qumulo Core Web UI

  1. Log in to the Qumulo Core Web UI..

  2. Click Cluster > LDAP.

  3. On the LDAP Configuration page, click Edit and then do the following:

    1. For Use LDAP features, click Yes.

    2. Enter the LDAP URI.

    3. For Base DN, enter the Distinguished Name (DN) from which the LDAP server searches for users.

    4. For Bind Username, enter the username for logging in to LDAP services.

    5. For Bind Password, enter the password that corresponds to the username.

    6. (Optional) For Encrypt Connection, click Yes.

    7. Click Save.