This section describes the performance characteristics and default service limits of Azure Native Qumulo (ANQ) v2.

ANQ v2 introduces a file system architecture that offers improved performance and flexibility for file systems of any size. For this reason, we eliminated the concept of total available capacity. You pay only for the data you store and, separately, for the throughput you use.

Throughput Performance

ANQ v2 instances can perform at above 100 Gbps with high-concurrency, multi-stream workloads. However, when you provision an ANQ v2 instance, Qumulo sets a default service limit of about 4 GBps. If you have a workload that needs higher sustained or peak throughput peak, email Azure Native Qumulo Support to raise this service limit.

IOPS Performance

By default, ANQ v2 is optimized for high-throughput (rather than high-IOPS) workloads.

For workloads with IOPS sensitivity, email Azure Native Qumulo Support for a technical consultation.