This section explains how to prepare Quiver 1UA Gen1 nodes for creating a Qumulo cluster.

Step 1: Verify Your Node

  1. Shut down your node and connect a display, a keyboard, and a mouse to it.

  2. Plug the Qumulo Core USB Drive Installer into an available USB port on the node and then press the power button.

    Front Diagram of the Quiver 1U All-NVMe Gen1 Node

Step 2: Boot by Using the Qumulo Core USB Drive Installer

  1. When the node powers on and begins to boot, on the ASUS screen, press F8.

  2. On the Please select boot device: screen, select your USB drive (usually labeled with UEFI OS) and boot into it.

    The Qumulo Core installation begins.

Step 3: Create and Configure Your Cluster

  1. Review the End User Agreement, click I agree to the End User Agreement, and then click Submit.

  2. Name your cluster.

  3. On the 1. Set up cluster page, select the nodes to add to your cluster.

    As you select nodes, the installer updates the total capacity of your cluster at the bottom of the page.

  4. Confirm that the individual nodes have the expected capacity.

  5. On the 2. Confirm cluster protection level page, Qumulo Core selects the recommended 2, 3, or 4-drive protection level based on your cluster size and node type.

  6. If the Customize Protection Level option appears, you can increase your system resilience by selecting 3- or 4-drive protection.

  7. Enter a password for the administrative account and click Create Cluster.

  8. To access the Qumulo Core Web UI, connect to any node by entering its IP address into a browser.