This section explains how to configure user notifications from Qumulo Alerts.

Configuring User Notifications about a Qumulo Cluster

To configure Qumulo Alerts to notify users about alarms and alerts from a Qumulo cluster, you must edit QumuloUsers.json, located in the config/consumer directory, in the directory that you cloned from GitHub.

The following is an explanation of the JSON keys that configure user notifications.

Name Description
email_address (Optional) The recipient's email address
full_name The recipient's full name

The recipient's language locale

The consumer processes for email and ClickSend integrations translate messages into the recipient's native language. For more information, see What Language Locales Qumulo Alerts Supports.


An array of notifications to which a user subscribes

  • category can be Alarms or Alerts
  • subcategory is an array of plugin names

For a list of available alarm and alert plugin names, see What Alarms and Alerts Qumulo Alerts Supports.

phone_number (Optional) The recipient's phone number, starting with a plus (+) followed by the international calling code
short_name The shortened form of the recipient's name

The recipient's timezone

For more information, see Converting Time Zones.

Example: Notifying Users in Different Countries about Different Alarms and Alerts

In the following example, the wildcard * specifies all plugins in this category generate notifications.

  "full_name": "Linda Johnson",
  "short_name": "Linda",
  "email_address": "",
  "phone_number": "+15555555555",
  "language": "en_US",
  "timezone": "America/Phoenix",
  "notify": [{
    "category": "Alarms",
    "subcategory": ["Disk", "Node"],
    "enabled": true
  "full_name": "Yennefer Martinez",
  "short_name": "Yen",
  "email_address": "",
  "phone_number": "+905555555555"
  "language": "tr_TR",
  "timezone": "Europe/Istanbul",
  "notify": [{
    "category": "Alarms",
    "subcategory": ["*"],
    "enabled": true
    "category": "Alerts",
    "subcategory": ["Quotas"],
    "enabled": true