This section explains the LEDs on Fujitsu RX2540 M7 nodes.

Front Panel LEDs and Buttons

On the front, right side of your node, there are five LEDs.

Label Color
CSS (Customer Self Service) LED 🟠 (orange)
Global Error LED 🟠 (orange)
Drive Access LED 🟒 (green)
Power Button with LED (DC On) 🟒 (green)
Power Button with LED (AC On) βšͺ️ (white)
Identification Button with LED πŸ”΅ (blue)

Rear Panel LEDs

On the rear, left side of your node, there are three LEDs.

Label Color
Identification LED πŸ”΅ (blue)
Global Error LED 🟠 (orange)
CSS (Customer Self Service) LED 🟠 (orange)

Front HDD and Rear NVMe Carrier LEDs

Each HDD drive carrier in the front and NVMe carrier in the back has two LEDs.

Label Color
Drive Error 🟠 (orange)
Drive Access 🟒 (green)


On the back of your node, LAN LEDs are located behind the vent holes on the NIC. Each port has one light.

Color Status Description
β€” Off No link
🟒 (solid green) On or blinking Link established