This section lists the alarms and alerts that Qumulo Alerts collects and processes.


The following alarms report hardware changes in a Qumulo cluster.

Plugin Name Description
CPU Temperature deviation
Disks Failure, state change
Fans Speed deviation, failure
Network Link failure
Nodes Addition, failure


The following alerts report software changes and changes in environmental conditions for a Qumulo cluster.

Plugin Name Description
AD Joining or leaving an Active Directory domain
Audit Auditing enabled or disabled
Capacity Change in cluster capacity (configured percentage of the entire cluster)
Exports NFS exports created, modified, or deleted
FTP FTP enabled or disabled
Groups Local groups added, modified, or deleted
Monitoring Cloud-based monitoring enabled, disabled, or unreachable
OSUpgrade Qumulo Core upgrade
Quotas Quota notification (configured percentage for specified directories)
Restriper Restriper started, stopped, or percentage complete
Shares SMB shares added, modified, or deleted
Users Local users added, modified, or deleted