This section explains how to configure Qumulo Alerts to work with the ClickSend service.

ClickSend is a paid, third-party service that provides delivery of messages as SMS (and other formats). For more information, see How to get started with ClickSend in the ClickSend documentation.

Configuring Qumulo Alerts Integration with the ClickSend Service

To configure Qumulo Alerts to integrate with the ClickSend Service, you must edit QumuloClickSendServer.json, located in the config/consumers directory, in the directory that you cloned from GitHub.

The following is an explanation of the JSON keys that configure integration with an email server.

Name Description

The recipient's language locale

The consumer processes for email and ClickSend integrations translate messages into the recipient's native language. For more information, see What Language Locales Qumulo Alerts Supports.


The recipient's timezone

For more information, see Converting Time Zones.


Your ClickSend toll-free number (TFN)

For more information, see Toll-Free Number (TFN) Verification in the ClickSend documentation.


Your ClickSend API key

For more information, see API credentials in the ClickSend documentation.

Example: Configured ClickSend Service Integration

    "username": "",
    "token": "A12BC345-D6EF-7890-G1234-56HIJ7890",
    "senderid": "+15555555555",
    "default_language": "en_GB",
    "default_timezone": "UTC"