This section explains how to configure Qumulo Alerts to work with SMS by using ClickSend.

ClickSend is a paid, third-party service that provides delivery of messages as SMS (and other formats). For more information, see How to get started with ClickSend in the ClickSend documentation.

To Integrate ClickSend with Qumulo Alerts

Run the ./alerts clicksend_server_add command and specify the username, token, sender ID, and recipient’s phone number.

./alerts clicksend_server_add \
  --username \
  --token 12345678-ABCDEFGH-12345678-ABCDEFGH \
  --senderid "+15551234567" \
  --to-address "+15550987654"

The following is example output.

  "language": "en_GB",
  "senderid": "+15551234567",
  "timezone": "UTC",
  "to_address": "+15550987654",
  "username": ""

To Test Integration with ClickSend

Run the ./alerts clicksend_server_test command.

A successful response returns the [{ "ok": true }] JSON output. In addition, the recipient’s phone number receives a test message.