This section explains how to contact the Qumulo Care team through Slack, email, or by phone.

We make sure that every one of our engineers has deep experience with file storage systems; knows the appropriate workflows, software, and hardware; and can get you the answers you need quickly.

We take pride in helping our customers and coming up with solutions for every specific issue.

Ways to Get Help

The Qumulo Care team is always here to help you. You can contact us by using any of the following ways.

Support Hours

The Qumulo Care team is available Monday to Friday, 24×5 to answer your questions and requests. During off hours, a team member is on call 24×7 for when you might need help the most.

Qumulo Care Response Times

The service availability and initial response time vary based on an issue’s severity level, starting from the time when the Qumulo Care team first learns about the issue.

Severity Level Service Availability Response Time Description Common Examples
Sev0 24×7 30 minutes

Business Impacting: A Qumulo cluster is offline, impacting regular business operations, with potential productivity or financial losses.

  • A Qumulo cluster is unable to form a quorum
  • A Qumulo cluster is unable to maintain a quorum
Sev1 24×7 1 hour High Priority: A Qumulo cluster is operational. However, a node is offline or the cluster experiences a severe performance degradation.
  • A node in a Qumulo cluster is offline.
  • Multiple business units experience degraded performance.
Sev2 24×5 2 hours Normal Priority: A Qumulo cluster and the Qumulo Core software are operational. However, an issue with the cluster or moderate performance degradation causes applications to operate suboptimally.
  • CPU cores recover to normal operation
  • Drive failures (within expected parameters)
  • Inconsistent performance issues
Sev3 24×5 6 hours Low Priority: A Qumulo cluster or the Qumulo Core software experiences an issue, cosmetic Web UI defect, or minor performance degradation that has minimal or negligible impact on a production system or regular business operations.
  • PSU failure
  • Loss of communication with Cloud-Based Monitoring
  • Upgrade issues
Sev4 24×5 6 hours Informational: Informal inquiries about product functionality
  • Questions about Qumulo Core configuration
  • Documentation requests
  • Qumulo Care Slack channel access permissions

Slack Tips and Tricks

The Qumulo Care team monitors the qumulocare Slack channel during our normal Monday-to-Friday, 24×5 standard support hours. If you are currently a Qumulo customer, the fastest way to reach us is by using your dedicated Slack channel.

The following are some tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of making requests through Slack.

  • Keep all communications with the Qumulo Care team in your dedicated Slack channel.

    • If you haven’t been working with a specific member of the Qumulo Care team, include @here in your first message to notify the present Qumulo Care team members of your request.

    • If you’ve been working with a specific member of the Qumulo Care team, use @<name> in your dedicated Slack channel. If that team member is unavailable, another Qumulo Care team member responds to your request.

  • Check Also send to #<channel> whenever you reply to a message thread.