This section explains how to configure Qumulo Alerts to work with an email server.

To Add a New Email Server to Qumulo Alerts

Run the ./alerts email_server_add command and specify the sender’s email address, recipient’s email address, email server hostname and port, language, and time zone. For example:

./alerts email_server_add \
  --from-addr \
  --to-addr \
  --server \
  --port 25
  --language en_US
  --timezone "America/Los_Angeles"

The following is example output.

  "from_address": "",
  "language": "en_US",
  "login": null,
  "password": null,
  "port": 25,
  "security": null,
  "server": "",
  "timezone": "America/Los_Angeles",
  "to_address": ""

To Test Integration with Your Email Server

Run the ./alerts email_server_test command.

A successful response returns the [{ "ok": true }] JSON output.