This section lists the language locales that Qumulo Alerts supports for notifying users through email, IFTTT, and SMS (ClickSend).

Language Locales

The consumer processes for email, IFTTT, and SMS (ClickSend) integrations translate messages into the recipient’s native language.

Code Description
de_AT German (Austria)
de_CH German (Switzerland)
de_DE German (Germany)
en_GB English (Great Britain)
en_US English (USA)
es_ES Spanish (Spain)
fr_BE French (Belgium)
fr_CA French (Canada)
fr_CH French (Switzerland)
fr_FR French (France)
hu_HU Hungarian (Hungary)
it_CH Italian (Switzerland)
it_IT Italian (Italy)
ja_JP Japanese (Japan)
ko_KR Korean (Korea)
pl_PL Polish (Poland)
sk_SK Slovak (Slovakia)
tr_TR Turkish (Turkey)
zh_TW Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)

Converting Time Zones

Each message that the Exchange processes contains a timestamp encoded in UTC time by default. This timestamp must match the recipient’s time zone. If you don’t use the --timezone flag when you create a user by using the alerts CLI, Qumulo Alerts uses UTC time.

Each translated message that a user receives includes a time zone in the Continent/City format (for example, America/Los_Angeles). For more information, see List of TZ Database Time Zones.