This section explains how to upgrade Grafana in a Qumulo Alerts Docker container from a machine running Ubuntu 22.04.


To perform these instructions, ensure that you have root privileges and that Docker is installed.

To Upgrade Grafana in the Qumulo Alerts Docker Container

  1. To switch to the root user, run the sudo -s command.

  2. Navigate to the /opt/qumulo/QumuloAlerts directory that contains the Qumulo Alerts Docker configuration files.

  3. To update the Grafana configuration, ensure that the following line in the docker-compose.yml file specifies version 10.4.2:

    image: grafana/grafana-oss:${GRAFANA_VERSION:-10.4.2}
  4. To stop all running Qumulo Alerts Docker containers, run the script.

  5. To remove the previous Grafana Docker image:

    1. Run the docker image ls command to list all existing image IDs.

    2. Run the docker rmi command and specify the ID of the image. For example:

      docker rmi grafana/grafana:10.2.0
  6. To restart Qumulo Alerts with the new configuration, run the script.

  7. The verify the Qumulo Alerts Docker container’s status, you can run the docker ps -a command or access Grafana by using its configured endpoint and port. For example: