This section explains how to add new HPE, Supermicro, or Quiver nodes to an existing cluster.

After you connect and power on your new nodes, Qumulo Core discovers any unconfigured nodes automatically and prompts you to add nodes in the Qumulo Core Web UI.

If Qumulo Core doesn’t discover any unconfigured nodes, it displays the message No unconfigured nodes found. If you expect to see nodes, contact the Qumulo Care team.


Step 1: Resolve Drive Compatibility Issues

To receive support for new, Qumulo-certified drives, do one of the following:

  • Upgrade your existing cluster to the latest version of Qumulo Core and then install the same version of Qumulo Core on your new node. For more information, see Upgrading Your Qumulo Cluster.

  • Update the Supported Drive List on your new node. For more information, contact the Qumulo Care team.

Step 2: Add Your New Nodes to an Existing Qumulo Cluster

  1. Log in to the Qumulo Core Web UI.

  2. Click Cluster > Add Nodes.

  3. On the Add Nodes page, select unconfigured nodes to add to your cluster.

  4. Click Add Selected Nodes to Cluster.

  5. In the Add <N> nodes to cluster <name>? dialog box, click Yes.

    If you add one or more node model types, a message reminds you about Qumulo Core adding a new model type to your cluster.

Qumulo Core configures your new nodes and adds them to your cluster.

On the Cluster page, the Qumulo Core Web UI shows the banner Successfully added <N> nodes to the cluster and the total available storage.