This section explains how to increase the node fault tolerance level for your Qumulo cluster during node-add operations.

  • In Qumulo Core 5.1.3 (and higher) you can increase the node fault tolerance level for an existing cluster during the cluster expansion process.

  • In Qumulo Core (and higher), you can manage the drive and node fault tolerance levels during the cluster expansion process by changing the data protection configuration.

To Reconfigure Your Cluster’s Node Fault Tolerance Level

  1. Follow the instructions in Adding Nodes to an Existing Qumulo Cluster.

  2. Before you click Yes in the Add <N> nodes to cluster <MyCluster>? dialog box, check that the projected capacity matches the expected capacity.

  3. After the cluster expansion process finishes, Qumulo Core begins data protection reconfiguration automatically.

  4. To monitor this process, click Cluster > Overview. On the Cluster page, in the protection status section, you can view the rebalance phase status and the estimated time to completion.

  5. When the restriper completes the data protection reconfiguration, the Data Protected section of the Cluster page shows the increased node fault tolerance level.