This section provides a reference for Qumulo Core upgrade modes from version 3.3.3.

  • An instant software upgrade requires restarting only the container on your nodes and has a downtime of less than 30 seconds without disruption to the operation of the cluster.
  • A platform upgrade requires either a complete reboot (rebooting all nodes in your cluster at the same time) or a rolling reboot (rebooting the nodes in your cluster one at a time).
  • A quarterly upgrade aggregates all improvements and fixes since the last quarterly upgrade. The version number of a quarterly upgrade ends in .0.

For downloads, release notes, and upgrade paths for on-premises and cloud releases of Qumulo Core, see Qumulo Nexus 🔒.

Qumulo Core Upgrade Modes

For information about the most important features from each release, click the Qumulo Core version.

Version On-Premises Upgrade Type Cloud Upgrade Type
7.1.2 Instant
7.1.1 Instant (Quarterly) Platform
7.0.2 Instant Instant (Quarterly) Instant
6.3.2 Instant Instant (Quarterly) Platform Instant Instant (Quarterly) Instant Platform
6.1.1 Platform (Quarterly) Instant
6.0.2 Instant Platform (Quarterly) Instant
5.3.4 Instant Instant
5.3.2 Instant
5.3.1 Platform Instant
5.3.0 (Quarterly) Instant Instant
5.2.4 Instant
5.2.3 Instant
5.2.2 Instant
5.2.1 Instant (Quarterly) Instant
5.1.5 Platform Instant
5.1.3 Instant
5.1.2 Instant
5.1.1 Platform (Quarterly) Instant
5.0.6 Instant
5.0.5 Instant
5.0.4 Instant
5.0.3 Instant
5.0.2 Instant
5.0.1 Instant (Quarterly) Instant
4.3.4 Instant
4.3.3 Instant
4.3.2 Instant
4.3.1 Instant
4.3.0 (Quarterly) Instant
4.2.6 Instant
4.2.5 Instant
4.2.4 Platform
4.2.3 Instant
4.2.2 Instant
4.2.1 Platform
4.2.0 (Quarterly) Instant
4.1.5 Instant
4.1.4 Instant
4.1.3 Instant
4.1.2 Instant
4.1.1 Instant (Quarterly) Instant
4.0.6 Instant Platform
4.0.5 Instant
4.0.4 Instant
4.0.3 Instant
4.0.2 Instant Instant (Quarterly) Instant
3.3.5 Instant
3.3.4 Instant
3.3.3 Instant