This section explains how to rack Quiver 1UH Gen2 nodes in a data center.

To Install the Rails in the Server Rack

  1. Adjust the chassis rails to the length of your server rack.

  2. Line up each chassis rail with your server rack rail and push the clip on the rail in while sliding the studs into the mounting holes on the rack rail, until the studs click into place and the clip latches over the rack. This process is the same for the front and back of your rack.

    Snap the Quiver 1U Hybrid Gen2 Node Rail into the Rack

To Insert the Chassis into the Server Rack

  1. Place the chassis onto the rails and slide it into the server rack.

  2. Attach the chassis to the rack by using one screw on each side on the front of the chassis.

    Insert the Quiver 1U Hybrid Gen2 Node Chassis into the Rack
  3. Attach the two stoppers marked L (left) and R (right) by using #10-32 × 13” screws on the back of the chassis.

To Remove the Chassis from the Server Rack

Perform the steps for inserting the chassis in reverse order.