This section describes how to use the toolless rail system to attach the rails to a server rack and install Supermicro 1014S nodes in a data center.

Using the Toolless Rail System

Supermicro 1014S nodes don’t require any tools for attaching rails to your server rack. For more information, see The Toolless Rail System in the Supermicro documentation.

To Insert the Chassis

For information about inserting the Supermicro 1014S node chassis into the server rack, see Sliding the Chassis onto the Rack Rails in the Supermicro documentation.

To Remove the Chassis

The Supermicro 1014S node chassis rest on the inner rail lip of the left and right rails. Two thumb screws secure the chassis to the server rack.

  1. Disconnect any cables from the chassis.

  2. Remove one screw from each side of the front of the chassis.

  3. Pull the chassis out from the server rack.

  4. (Optional) To remove the toolless rails from your server rack completely, see Removing the Rails in the Supermicro documentation.