This section explains the LEDs on Supermicro 1014S nodes.

Front Panel LEDs and Buttons

On the front, right side of your node, there are five LEDs.

Label Color and Behavior Description
Info πŸ”΄ (solid red) Node overheated
Info πŸ”΄ (1 s. blinking red) Fan failed
Info πŸ”΄ (4 s. blinking red) Power Supply Unit (PSU) failed
Info πŸ”΅ (solid blue) Unit Identification (UID) activated locally
Info πŸ”΅ (blinking blue) UID activated from IPMI
NIC 2 LED 🟒 (solid green) On
NIC 2 LED 🟒 (blinking) Network activity
NIC 1 LED 🟒 (solid green) On
NIC 1 LED 🟒 (blinking) Network activity
HDD LED 🟒 (blinking) Disk activity
Power LED 🟒 (on) On

NVMe Drive Carrier LEDs

Each NVMe drive carrier has two LEDs.

Label Color or Behavior Description
Status LED Off No issues detected
Status LED πŸ”΄ (solid red) Drive failed
Status LED πŸ”΄ (1 s. blinking red) Drive rebuild activity
Status LED πŸ”΄ (2 red blinks) then 1 s. stop Hot spare drive
Status LED πŸ”΄ (5 s.) then off Power-on drive status
Status LED πŸ”΄ (0.25 s. blinking red) Identifying or locating drive status
Status LED 🟒 (on) Drive is safe to remove
Status LED 🟠 (solid amber) Drive isn’t safe to remove
Activity LED πŸ”΅ (solid blue) Drive installed
Activity LED πŸ”΅ (blinking blue) Drive activity


On the back of your node, LAN LEDs are located behind the vent holes on the NIC. Each port has one light.

Color Status Description
β€” Off No link
🟒 (solid green) On or blinking Link established