This section explains how to use the qq ad_reconfigure command.


Reconfigure Active Directory POSIX Attributes


qq ad_reconfigure [-h] [--enable-search-trusted-domains | --disable-search-trusted-domains] [--enable-ad-posix-attributes | --disable-ad-posix-attributes] [--base-dn BASE_DN]


Flag Name Required Description
--enable-search-trusted-domains No Allows the cluster to search trusted domains for user information.
--disable-search-trusted-domains No Disallows the cluster from using trusted domains for user information. Disabling may prevent the cluster from finding all relevant user and group membership data for authenticated users.
--enable-ad-posix-attributes No Use AD POSIX attributes.
--disable-ad-posix-attributes No Do not use AD POSIX attributes.
--base-dn No When using AD POSIX extensions, query using this base DN