This section explains how to use the qq s3_set_bucket_policy command.

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To Configure an Access Policy for an S3 Bucket

Run the qq s3_set_bucket_policy command, use the --bucket flag to specify the name of your bucket and the --file flag to specify the JSON file with the access policy. For example:

qq s3_set_bucket_policy --bucket MyBucket --file mypolicy.json


Upload the access policy json stored at –file to –bucket.


qq s3_set_bucket_policy [-h] --bucket BUCKET --file FILE [--allow-remove-self]


Flag Name Required Description
--bucket Yes The target bucket who's policy will be set.
--file Yes The policy file to upload. Use s3_get_bucket_policy --example to get a policy template.
--allow-remove-self No Allow the policy set to remove the ability for this user to change the policy.