This section explains how to use the qq replication_create_object_relationship command.


Create an object replication relationship that initiates a copy of file data to or
from S3.


qq replication_create_object_relationship [-h] (--local-directory-id LOCAL_DIRECTORY_ID | --local-directory-path LOCAL_DIRECTORY_PATH) --direction {COPY_TO_OBJECT,COPY_FROM_OBJECT} [--object-store-address OBJECT_STORE_ADDRESS] --object-folder
    OBJECT_FOLDER [--use-port USE_PORT] [--ca-certificate CA_CERTIFICATE] --bucket BUCKET [--bucket-addressing-style {BUCKET_STYLE_PATH,BUCKET_STYLE_VIRTUAL_HOSTED}] --region REGION --access-key-id
    ACCESS_KEY_ID [--secret-access-key SECRET_ACCESS_KEY]


Flag Name Required Description
--local-directory-id No File ID of the qumulo directory
--local-directory-path No Path of the qumulo directory
--direction Yes Whether data is to be copied to, or from, the object store.
--object-store-address No S3-compatible server address. If omitted, Amazon S3 address will be used.
--object-folder Yes Folder to use in the object store bucket. A slash separator is automatically used to specify a folder. For example, a folder "example" and a file path (relative to the directory_path) "dir/file" results in key "example/dir/file". Use empty value "" or "/" to replicate with the root of the bucket.
--use-port No HTTPS port to use when communicating with the object store (default: 443)
--ca-certificate No Path to a file containing the public certificate of the certificate authority to trust for connections to the object store, in PEM format. If not specified, the built-in trusted public CAs are used.
--bucket Yes Bucket in the object store to use for this relationship
--bucket-addressing-style No Addressing style for requests to the bucket. Set to BUCKET_STYLE_PATH for path-style addressing or BUCKET_STYLE_VIRTUAL_HOSTED for virtual hosted-style (the default). For Amazon S3, virtual hosted-style is recommended as path-style will be deprecated. Bucket names containing dots (".") or characters that are not valid in domain names may require path-style. The object-store-address should not include the bucket name, regardless of addressing style.
--region Yes Region the bucket is located in, e.g., us-west-2
--access-key-id Yes Access key ID to use when communicating with the object store
--secret-access-key No Secret access key to use when communicating with the object store