This section explains how to use the qq fs_acl_explain_rights command.


Explain how rights are granted to a user for a file.


qq fs_acl_explain_rights [-h] (--path PATH | --id ID) -u ID [ID ...] [-g [ID [ID ...]]] [--no-expand] [-v] [--json]


Flag Name Required Description
--path No File or directory path
--id No File or directory ID
-u Yes User for whom to explain rights. e.g. Alice, uid:1000, sid:S-1-5-2-3-4, or auth_id:500. If multiple are given, they will be considered equivalent for the purpose of the explanation.
-g No Groups that the user should be considered a member of for the purpose of the explanation.
--no-expand No Don't expand the given user and group IDs. This can be useful if you want to test a hypothetical (e.g 'what happens if I add/remove a user to some group?')
-v No Prints the credential that will be used for the explanation, after it has been expanded.
--json No Print JSON representation of rights explanation.