This section explains how to use the qq fs_write command.


To Write a File to a Directory on a Qumulo Cluster

Run the qq fs_write command, use the --create flag and specify the source of and target locations for the file. For example:

qq fs_write --create \
  --file /upgrade/qinstall.qimg \
  --path /qinstall.qimg

The following is example output.

  "blocks": "139355",
  "change_time": "2024-02-04T00:28:50.778788345Z",
  "child_count": 0,
  "creation_time": "2024-02-04T00:28:50.766408341Z",
  "file_number": "6981",
  "group": "2",
  "id": "6981",
  "mode": "0644",
  "modification_time": "2024-02-04T00:29:32.967968707Z",
  "name": "",
  "num_links": 1,
  "owner": "500",
  "path": "/qinstall.qimg",
  "size": "570798080",
  "type": "FS_FILE_TYPE_FILE"


Write data to an object


qq fs_write [-h] (--path PATH | --id ID) [--stream-id STREAM_ID | --stream-name STREAM_NAME | --create] [--offset OFFSET] [--file FILE] [--stdin]


Flag Name Required Description
--path No File path
--id No File ID
--stream-id No Stream ID
--stream-name No Stream name
--create No Create file before writing. Fails if exists or is used with stream identifiers.
--offset No Offset at which to write data. If not specified, the existing contents of the file will be replaced with the given contents.
--file No File data to send
--stdin No Write file from stdin