This section explains how to use the qq cluster_create command.


Creates a Qumulo Cluster


qq cluster_create [-h] --cluster-name CLUSTER_NAME [--admin-password ADMIN_PASSWORD] [--blocks-per-stripe BLOCKS_PER_STRIPE] [--max-drive-failures MAX_DRIVE_FAILURES]
    [--max-node-failures MAX_NODE_FAILURES] [--accept-eula] [--reject-eula] [--host-instance-id HOST_INSTANCE_ID]
    (--node-uuids NODE_UUIDS [NODE_UUIDS ...] | --node-ips NODE_IPS [NODE_IPS ...] | --all-unconfigured)


Flag Name Required Description
--cluster-name Yes Cluster Name
--admin-password No Administrator Password
--blocks-per-stripe No Erasure coding stripe width
--max-drive-failures No Maximum allowable drive failures
--max-node-failures No Maximum allowable node failures
--accept-eula No Accept the EULA
--reject-eula No Reject the EULA
--host-instance-id No EC2 Instance ID of node receiving this request. AWS only.
--node-uuids No Cluster node UUIDs
--node-ips No Cluster node IPv4 addresses
--all-unconfigured No Use all discoverable unconfigured nodes to make cluster