This section explains how to use the qq fs_read_dir_aggregates command.


Read directory aggregation entries


qq fs_read_dir_aggregates [-h] --path PATH [--recursive] [--max-entries MAX_ENTRIES] [--max-depth MAX_DEPTH]
    [--order-by {total_blocks,total_datablocks,total_named_stream_datablocks,total_metablocks,total_files,total_directories,total_symlinks,total_other,total_named_streams}]
    [--snapshot SNAPSHOT]


Flag Name Required Description
--path Yes Directory path
--recursive No Fetch recursive aggregates
--max-entries No Maximum number of entries to return
--max-depth No Maximum depth to recurse when --recursive is set
--order-by No Specify field used for top N selection and sorting
--snapshot No Snapshot ID to read from