This section explains how to use the qq replication_create_source_relationship command.


Create a new replication relationship.


qq replication_create_source_relationship [-h] (--source-id SOURCE_ID | --source-path SOURCE_PATH) --target-path TARGET_PATH --target-address TARGET_ADDRESS [--target-port TARGET_PORT] [--enable-replication {true,false}]
    [--set-source-directory-read-only {true,false}] [--map-local-ids-to-nfs-ids {true,false}]


Flag Name Required Description
--source-id No File ID of the source directory
--source-path No Path to the source directory
--target-path Yes Path to the target directory
--target-address Yes The target IP address
--target-port No Network port to replicate to on the target (overriding default)