This section explains how to use the qq replication_link_snapshot_policy command.


Link a snapshot policy to a source replication relationship.


qq replication_link_snapshot_policy [-h] --relationship-id RELATIONSHIP_ID --snapshot-policy-id SNAPSHOT_POLICY_ID [-t TARGET_EXPIRATION]


Flag Name Required Description
--relationship-id Yes Unique identifier of the source replication relationship.
--snapshot-policy-id Yes Identifier of the snapshot policy to link.
-t No Duration after which to expire snapshots on the target cluster that were replicated from this snapshot policy, in format , where is a positive integer less than 100 and is one of [months, weeks, days, hours, minutes], e.g. 5days or 1hours. 'never' indicates snapshots should never expire and 'same_as_policy' indicates snapshots should expire at the same time as the snapshot policy specifies. (default: same_as_policy)