This section explains how to use the qq fs_read_dir command.


To List the Contents of a Directory on a Qumulo Cluster

Run the qq fs_read_dir command and specify the path whose contents to list. For example:

qq fs_read_dir --path /accounting

The following is example output. In this example, there are 2 files in the /accounting directory.

  "child_count": 2,
  "files": [{
    "blocks": "0",
    "change_time": "2024-02-04T19:29:48.136708478Z",
    "child_count": 2,
    "creation_time": "2024-02-04T19:29:16.846825314Z",
    "file_number": "4",
    "group": "513",
    "id": "4",
    "mode": "0777",
    "modification_time": "2024-02-04T19:29:48.136708478Z",
    "name": "receipts",
    "num_links": 2,
    "owner": "500",
    "path": "/receipts/",
    "size": "1024",
    "blocks": "0",
    "change_time": "2015-02-04T19:34:17.113793299Z",
    "child_count": 1,
    "creation_time": "2015-02-04T19:24:12.201732558Z",
    "file_number": "3",
    "group": "513",
    "id": "3",
    "mode": "0777",
    "modification_time": "2015-02-04T19:34:17.113793299Z",
    "name": "invoices",
    "num_links": 2,
    "owner": "500",
    "path": "/invoices/",
    "size": "512",
  "id": "2",
  "paging": {
  "next": "",
  "prev": ""
  "path": "/"


Read directory


qq fs_read_dir [-h] (--path PATH | --id ID) [--page-size PAGE_SIZE] [--snapshot SNAPSHOT] [--smb-pattern SMB_PATTERN]


Flag Name Required Description
--path No Directory path
--id No Directory ID
--page-size No REST API pagination size to use. This affects the number of API calls made, and the structure of the resulting JSON output, but does not affect what entries are returned. Note that the system may impose an upper limit on the page size.
--snapshot No Snapshot ID to read from
--smb-pattern No SMB style match pattern.