This section explains how to use the qq s3_modify_settings command.


Modify S3 server settings


qq s3_modify_settings [-h] [--disable | --enable] [--base-path BASE_PATH] [--multipart-upload-expiry-interval MULTIPART_UPLOAD_EXPIRY_INTERVAL] [--secure | --insecure]


Flag Name Required Description
--disable No Disable S3 server
--enable No Enable S3 server
--base-path No The directory which will be the parent of all buckets created without an explicitly specified path.
--multipart-upload-expiry-interval No If a multipart upload is not modified in this amount of time, it is considered stale and may be cleaned up automatically. The duration must be in the format where is a positive integer less than 100 and is one of [months, weeks, days, hours] (e.g. 5days). To disable automatic cleanup, specify 'never' for the duration.
--secure No Configure the S3 server to only accept HTTPS connections
--insecure No Configure the S3 server to only accept HTTP connections