This section explains how to use the qq fs_set_user_metadata command.


Set or update a user metadata value for a file by using the specified metadata key and value


qq fs_set_user_metadata [-h] (--path PATH | --id ID) [--s3] --key KEY (--value VALUE | --hex-value HEX_VALUE | --base64-value BASE64_VALUE)


Flag Name Required Description
--path No File path
--id No File ID
--s3 No In Qumulo Core, there are two types of user metadata, generic and S3. By default, qq CLI commands manipulate generic metadata. When you use the --s3 flag, Qumulo Core makes user metadata visible to the S3 protocol as object metadata.
--key Yes Metadata key
--value No Plaintext metadata value
--hex-value No Hex-encoded metadata value
--base64-value No Base64-encoded metadata value