This section explains how to use the qq fs_create_symlink command.


Create a new symbolic link


qq fs_create_symlink [-h] (--path PATH | --id ID) --target TARGET [--target-type {FS_FILE_TYPE_UNKNOWN,FS_FILE_TYPE_FILE,FS_FILE_TYPE_DIRECTORY}] --name NAME


Flag Name Required Description
--path No Parent directory path
--id No Parent directory ID
--target Yes Link target (relative path recommended)
--target-type No Symlink target's type. If this is unspecified or FS_FILE_TYPE_UNKNOWN, the effect is the same as using 'ln -s' on a Unix NFS client. If this is FS_FILE_TYPE_FILE or FS_FILE_TYPE_DIRECTORY, the effect is the same as using 'mklink' or 'mklink /D' on a Windows SMB client.
--name Yes New symlink name