This section explains how to use the qq fs_security_modify_key command.


Modify the name or comment of a key in the file system key store. Enable or disable a key.


qq fs_security_modify_key [-h] -k KEY [--new-name NEW_NAME] [--comment COMMENT] [--enable | --disable] [--json]


Flag Name Required Description
-k Yes The identifier or name of the key to modify.
--new-name No The new name for the specified key.
--comment No The comment for the specified key.
--enable No Enable the specified key. You can use an enabled key to lock snapshots. You can also associate an enabled key with policies that take snapshots. Note: The system enables keys upon creation.
--disable No Disable the specified key. You cannot use a disabled key to lock new snapshots. Existing snapshots which use the disabled key remain locked. However, you can still use a disabled key to unlock the snapshots that it locked. Important: You cannot disable a key if any snapshot policy uses it.
--json No Print the output in JSON format. By default, the output is in a table.