This section explains how to use the qq s3_bucket_policy_explain_access command.

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Details a users access as allowed by the bucket policy


qq s3_bucket_policy_explain_access [-h] --bucket BUCKET [--auth-id AUTH_ID] [--anonymous] [identifier]


Flag Name Required Description
--bucket Yes The bucket for which the access policy will be explained.
--auth-id No Auth ID of the qumulo user
--anonymous No An unauthenticated S3 user

Positional Options

Option Name Description
identifier An auth_id, SID, or name optionally qualified with a domain prefix (e.g "local:name", "ad:name", "AD\name") or an ID type (e.g. "auth_id:513", "SID:S-1-1-0"). Groups are not supported for access keys, must be a user.